Jaden Smith Talks “After Earth” & Confesses He’s Dying To Skate With Lil Wayne (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w/Global Grind)

In this exclusive sit down with GlobalGrind at the Virgin Galactic Space Center in New Mexico, Jaden Smith is the spitting image of his dad Will, so much so, that the ’90s flashback is giving us chills!

The young superstar took a few moments to talk After Earth, their second movie as a father-son duo, and he also elaborated on why he might be living at home forever, his dad’s anger management, and wanting to skate with Lil Wayne.

For a 15-year-old, Jaden is super suave and we can only imagine how the ladies are going to go crazy as soon as he becomes of age. Check out a few of the highlights, as well as the entire interview, below. And if you haven’t already seen it, also check out Will Smith’s GlobalGrind exclusive below.

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