Beyonce Brings Out Jay-Z For Chimes For Change Performance


Last night, celebrities from around the world came out to Gucci’s “Chime For Change” concert in London, and they all got to witness a very special occasion.

While Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea killed their performances, it was Beyonce that had everyone talking.

The 31-year-old singing sensation took the stage in a black sheer leotard, but got the crowd roaring when she brought out husband Jay-Z to perform their old hit “Crazy In Love”!

Even though she might not be pregnant again, The Carters did surprise everyone in the crowd when they showed some serious PDA, as Jay gave his wife some kisses and hugs on stage.

King Beyonce even shared some of the pictures of the lovebirds themselves on her own website page.

It was definitely an epic night since Bey also got together backstage with Salma Hayek and Frida Giannini before she slayed her performance, and it looked like they had some girl talk.

Whispering in each others’ ears, the ladies looked happy and relaxed as they chilled out backstage and posed it up on the red carpet.

Well, the Beyhive will surely never forget last night!

It looks like Europe is really bringing out a whole new adventurous side of Beyonce, and we love it!

But this diva wasn’t the only one making her presence known. Mary J Blige and Jennifer Lopez also joined forces for a performance.

Both bedazzled in sequence, hit the stage to perform a cover of the Beatles’ “Come Together.” Girl power was definitely all the way turnt up for this occasion.

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